Future plans – what next after the Diplôme Supérieur?

Following what I felt was a well-earned rest after the last exam of the Diplôme Supérieur I am now working on plans for the future. It’s both exciting and a little daunting at what the future might, in practice, hold!

I have always loved teaching on the Dalcroze Training Courses which, in the last few years, have taken place at the Royal Russell School in East Croydon until Covid moved the training online. As a Diplômée I am able to set up training with the Director of Studies (Karin Greenhead) and this is what I am planning at the moment. I will be offering an alternative model to the Croydon course which gives training in 8 intensive weekends (they really are intensive – I did this course in 2008!) followed by further weekends of exams.

My model proposes weekly sessions in short six-week modules with additional online sessions. Students will be offered 2 hours of in person lessons and 1 hour online and the 3 hours will at first be divided between Rhythmics, Aural Training and Improvisation. After each 6-week module there will be a 3 or 4 week ‘breather’ to allow students to reflect on learning and have a break from the demands of weekly travel.

I believe this model will appeal to a different cohort from the 8 intensive weekends which have, over the years invariably attracted people from all over the country and often from Europe. The main purpose is to increase the numbers training in Dalcroze Eurhythmics. We need more teachers…in fact it’s fair to say that we desperately need new teachers if the method is to raise its profile and if we wish it to be taught more widely in the UK!

Yet, I’m hoping my model will attract some who wish to simply enjoy regular Rhythmics or Aural Training sessions. These people might sign on for all the modules with the exception of the last which may be more aimed at exam preparation.

Dalcroze UK, the organisation that oversees training and which has organised our Spring and Summer Courses for many years, has invited qualified teachers to put on Taster Days (hence my own!) and we all hope that we can attract a new cohort of enthusiasts in 2022!

And what else? Some might remember that after observing Rhythmics sessions for Seniors and Rhythmics for those with dementia I was keen to get involved after finishing the Diplôme …this is certainly an area I wish to explore in time…watch this space!

In the meantime…tell your friends that a new training course will be starting on Monday evenings in West Ealing from May 16th 2022! More details will be posted as soon as possible.

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