Rhythmics classes for adults May – July 2022!

After finishing my studies at the Institut Jaques-Dalcroze in Geneva last December I have been busy setting up a series of rhythmics classes for adults and organising a Foundation Training Course (starting in September 2022) for those who wish to either improve their musical skills and/or for those who would like to train to become Dalcroze Eurhythmics teachers.

The first of my rhythmics for adults classes took place on Monday 16th May, 2022 at St. Andrew’s Church Centre, Ealing, London in the room pictured below. I’m delighted to report that a good group attended and that the space worked very well! The room is large and airy with very high ceilings. Although it is carpeted I discovered that balls bounce very well and the acoustic was rather good for the piano!

To my knowledge these weekly classes are the ONLY rhythmics classes, that are not part of training, being offered to adults in the UK and the class on Monday included three experienced Dalcroze teachers who took advantage of the opportunity to take part as participants!

And what did we do in Monday’s class? Well, in our warm-up we spent some time exploring the space around us with our bodies, being aware of individual limbs and how shapes can be made with the whole body using simple stimuli.

We stepped a pulse and practised first recognising the strong beat of a 4-beat pattern in different ways then stopping on different beats. This was explored in other ways and there was plenty of concentration evident in the room! We also had plenty of laughter and the group thoroughly enjoyed creating their own movement pieces based on the topic of the lesson.

When planning this lesson I was aware that it wasn’t part of official training and the group included several beginners, some of whom had attended either my February Taster Day, but also one student at Licence level! I was therefore conscious of wanting to make it accessible to everyone while offering a level of challenge. This was possibly the hardest aspect of the planning process.

My next class on 23rd May will explore duration and subdivision of the beat. I’m finding it a real joy to plan and to create my own exercises and to further develop my own style of teaching.

If you’re reading this and are not familiar with Dalcroze Eurhythmics but are wondering whether to give it a try then do take the plunge! All my classes can be accessed as stand-alone events although occasionally there may be a reference to previous lessons. I have nearly always taught rhythmics in the context of Music teaching, but actors, dancers or anyone who enjoys moving to music can enjoy the method! Click on the Rhythmics for Adults page to find the dates and cost of the sessions.

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