Geneva – Study begins for the Diplômé Supérieur!

My studies for the Diplômé Supérieur in Dalcroze Eurhythmics have begun!

Two weeks ago I left London to live in Geneva for the academic year in order to study full time for this prestigious qualification! My feelings as I boarded the flight…? Excitement certainly but also a large dose of apprehension and nerves. It will take determination and hard work to pass all the exams and, as a first study violinist, I am aware of the practice needed to bring my piano playing up to scratch. However, it is fantastic to have the time to devote to my studies. My Dalcroze training to date has always been alongside full-time work so I am SO grateful for the opportunity to become a full-time student.

My visits last academic year meant that there were many familiar faces when I arrived and everyone has made me feel very welcome. So far I have observed lessons in rhythmics, solfège, improvisation and harmony. I have also taken part in rhythmics lessons and in movement classes. The training at the Institut Jaques-Dalcroze (ijd) at Bachelor and Masters levels is impressive in its high quality and thoroughness.  All the lessons are delivered in French and this means that by the end of each day I’m exhausted from the concentration needed to follow as much as possible. Hopefully this will get easier the longer I’m in Geneva…I have always wanted to understand and speak another language fluently so this is my chance! Mind you at the moment there are plenty of opportunities of misunderstanding. In an improvisation class yesterday I thought the teacher was giving homework (les devoirs) but was in fact talking about improvising in two voices (deux voixs)!

And my accommodation? I’m incredibly lucky to be staying with a most generous couple in a beautiful part of Geneva (Plan-les-Ouates) where the nearby quiet roads and woods have allowed me to keep up my running! Although it’s a 40 minute journey to the ijd it’s an easy one and the tram takes you through the centre of beautiful Geneva. And yes, it’s true…the transport runs like clockwork!



1 thought on “Geneva – Study begins for the Diplômé Supérieur!

  1. Good luck, Kaye! I look forward to reading about your studies as they progress.


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